By Anjali Mohapatra • April 9, 2015


Life is mysterious, so also the existence of God. It is the biggest mystery in this universe. We have not seen Him, but we do believe Him! He is the Master of everything. I have no idea, whether others will agree with it or not but this is my concept about God. Have a look.

Assimilate all the good qualities such as love, affection, generosity, kindness, happiness, impartiality, honesty, sincerity, truthfulness, determination, justice and hard work into one form with its antonyms, enclose all these abstract nouns visualising time as its border line, that is ‘God’ in my perception, in my belief. Why so much confusion, so much argument on ‘God’? God is the embodiment of every quality. He is neutral. It is you, whose deeds fall upon Him and reflects back at you, as you deed. Never blame either to God or to your fate. Because the existing life you are going through, is nothing but pursuits of your ‘karm’ (work), you have or had performed. Go through every page of ‘Bhagwat Gita’ thoroughly, trust me, you can realise the well version of ‘God’. Neither in past nor in present or in future, this word is going to be defined. These are bonded so strongly with time, that no one in this earth can ever get its clue to unfold the mystery. There is no beginning, no end of this oneness. It is well versed in ‘Gita’:- in Nabamodhyayah ‘Rajabidya Rajaguyah jogah’.

‘Mayatitamidam sarbam jagatbyaktamurtina, Matsthani sarbabhutani na chahyam teswabasthitah,

The whole ‘Bhagvat Gita’ is based on the conversation of Lord Krishna and Arjun. From the beginning till to end, Lord Krisna has depicted the reality of life and inculcated the true knowledge to Arjun. In the above shloka, Krishna says that God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. Everybody believes in that. The whole creation is within Him. In a wider sense we can say this, ‘He is present in every living or non-living things, no matter what it is, whether a stone or a particle of sand. He is everywhere. He controls everything, but He is not controlled by anyone. He can achieve anything, but everybody cannot achieve Him. He can only be perceived by pure ‘love and devotion’.

Think about it calmly! Science has progressed par excellence, man has landed on moon, so many other incredible assets have invented, slowly but steadily man has become invincible, but yet once a natural disaster occurs, no science, no man, nothing can ever sustain before it. Why? Had it been under the control of man, it could have prevented. There would be no death at all. Man could create another man. But till today have you ever heard any such news that man or science has controlled a life or a death? Does he have the power to make somebody immortal physically? The day man will be successful in this project, we will believe that there is no such ‘God’, we ourselves are God.

‘God, the word itself is phenomenal. This is the biggest critical question ever made in this Universe. And till now this question is unrevealed, unsolved. Every time the controversial statements are given. Yet the query is going on. It is always a question mark for everybody ‘Does God really exist?’ Out of thousands and millions of people, ninety nine per cent of people believe in God, although it varies in form, from person to person. Particularly in India so many deities are worshiped. What do you think? Are there hundreds of Gods? So, what exactly God is? How does He look like? Based on this topic, I am postulating my paper. I am a strong believer of God. Whatever knowledge I have, I am going to interpret it according to my perception. I do request to the readers to keep patience and go through the points thoroughly.’

Think broadly to whom you adore? Unconsciously or subconsciously, for every single matter in our life, we pray to God wishing something good to happen. Sometimes it clicks, sometimes it doesn’t. When the time favours, we say ‘God’s blessing’, when time does not favour, we evaluate it as ‘unlucky’. Believe it or not, luck depends upon one’s deeds. Luck functions like a debit or a credit card. But here, the debit and credit cards are nothing but your good or bad deeds which are accumulated on your name, as an account opened in a bank. From this account ( a pile of good or bad deeds, transformed into luck)the reward passes, as money passes from your personal account. A proverb is there 'kar vala, to ho vala’. It simply means: If you have done good deeds, you will get good result. Yes, you may not get the result instantly, but eventually it will come, there is no doubt of it. However, every act of ours, is assimilated in the highest bank of Super natural power, there from the money(blissful life as a reward of good works) comes to us which we enjoy in the present life.

There are millions and billions of particles present in the Universe. We can’t see them. These particles combine in different proportion to form different things. And the characteristic of every material is different from one another. It is believed that we are made up of panch mahabhut ( five elements) . They are: air, water, earth, fire, sky. After the decay of the body, these five elements , return back to its original places. Science also agrees with it. But what is believed in common that after death, our mortal body is perished and the soul which is immortal goes back to the Eternal Soul, that is ‘Paramatma’. Naturally it comes to our mind ‘who is God’, ‘how does He look like’ ‘where does He live?’ Even I asked myself the same question again and again, and never got an answer, although I believe in God strongly from my childhood. Perhaps that positive thinking of ‘God’ provides strength within my heart to accomplish my works. I asked this same question to my parents. Every time I got the answer, ‘keep faith in God’, because it was beyond their capacity to define. I think nobody can define. I am not defining either, I am just putting my assumption what I feel about God. It may be a disillusion, but if it leads to a better path, then what is wrong in it? But this unsolved query leads me to think deeper and provides me some assumption on which to some extent I am satisfied. I am not asking anyone to believe it, but there is no harm to go through it. My point is: God is not an object. It may be the accumulation of uncountable different particles arranged in highest order without having any shape, size or colour, on its own way, whose composition and constituents, both are beyond the reach of human beings. He is the creator of this Nature and we are a part of it. This naturally bonded particles form ‘a Supernatural Power’, which controls the whole Universe. Particles contain charges. The good and bad qualities are nothing but outcome of charges, which are directly proportional to your deeds. The way you act, you get the charges from the supernatural power. It regulates its own acts. It is neither a man nor a woman. It takes its shape as it wants. There is no end of its shape or size. It is ‘Nirakar’ which means no ‘akar’( no shape, no size’). It is also called ‘Ananta’ which means no end.

The Supreme Power takes the form as it wishes. We are the viewers, who personified the power as ‘He’ or ‘She’. And it appears before our mind’s eye as we want to see. That is nothing but, for our own satisfaction. Perhaps, He himself took the form of ‘Prakriti and Purush’ both at the same time using His energy to create this universe. Nowhere, it is written that he appeared in human form only. Rather in ‘Dashavatar’, it is assumed that He destroyed the demons in the form of fish( Matshavatar means fish and Kurmavatar means tortoise). Thus ‘He’ becomes the master of all. As an excellent ‘Master’, He has given us full freedom to move around in the nature. Every single movement of ours is being watched by Him. We all are accountable to ‘Him’.

It is said that when there is utmost corruption on the earth, innocent people’s lives are endangered, saints are tortured, ‘God’ takes his incarnation. Whether you believe it or not, but I do believe in incarnation. For instance: Lord Ram in Tretaya yug and Krisna in dwaper yug . He takes His form, as the time demands. By the way, you go any corner of this world, ‘good deed’ is always welcomed and adored. There is no question, whether it is Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Allah or any other, they are level higher than normal human beings, so what’s wrong to accept them as God. Good persons are always adorable. ‘God’ is in that status, where you feel relief, get internal peace of mind, even though it is momentarily based.

Krishna, the symbol of love and beauty, is par excellence. From his birth till to the end of his life, every step was unbelievable. Starting from his birth, His childhood acts, destruction of mighty demons, ‘Viswaroop Darsan to Arjun’, and lots of other incidents, all were incredible. Again, he was the only one, who performed ‘Rasleela’ with hundreds of gopies at the same time. Can a single man take so many forms of his own? There are so many other instances shown in ‘Bhagavat’, which were unbelievable. If we analyse his character, every single act is ‘super natural’. Isn’t it? My point is, ‘Isn’t God himself a super magician?’ May be God took his incarnation in the form of ‘Krisna’? Why it is hard to believe? Why it is taken as a mythological story? If it happens so, then tomorrow, we will also be included in mythological stories by our great, great , great grandchildren. It’s not impossible.

If I ask today’s youth, ‘ Have you seen Mahatma Gandhi, Lincoln, Hitler, any one of them? Of course, it is ‘no’. But we believe. It is in history, right? Science has advanced to such an extent that anything, anything can be rearranged, fixed and dubbed. May be all these pictures, statues, historical monuments are renamed as people wanted. So, tell me now, how you feel, if everything will be proved wrong? Can you believe it? Is it acceptable? We believe in past, present and future. Because, present is based on past and future is followed by present. Even though some of the evidence of Lord Krishna’s existence is still there, yet Krishna’s life is adopted as a mythological story, why? I disagree with this completely. Now man has landed in moon that is acceptable because we have seen it in TV and that had occurred in recent past by USA, because science has advanced so much. Go back to thousands and thousands of years back, may be that time science was much, much more advanced than our present time. In ‘Ramayan’, Ravan had carried Sita in ‘Puspakjaan’. The description of ‘Pushpakjaan’ given in Ramayan is much better and advanced. Today’s aeroplane is a new form of old time Puspakjaan. Not only that, we are using atom bomb or nuclear bomb in war for a massive destruction, in dwaper or treteya yug , they were using only sword, bow and arrow. But with that single bow and arrow they could produce tsunami, volcano or iceberg which could do utter annihilation. My point is, if today’s scene is possible, why then those time incidents are taken as imaginary stories?

In the battle of ‘Mahavarat’, between Kauravas and Pandavas, when Arjun refused to fight back against Kauravas (his own cousins),because he didn’t want to be the cause of anybody’s death, Lord Krishna said:-

‘Nainyam chhindanti sashtrani, nainyam dahati pabakah,na chainyam kledayantyapo na shosayati marutah’ .

It means: In pretext of death of a person, Shree Krishna explained to Arjun that soul never dies, it just discards its old body and enters in to a new body, like people discard the old clothes and take a new one. Soul is immortal. Neither the weapon can cut the soul, nor the fire can burn it, neither the water can wet it, nor the wind can blow it. He explained the theory of ‘soul’ that it is immortal and much above of all the earthly materials. It comes from ‘Paramatma’(Super natural power or Eternal soul) and after the decay of the mortal body, the soul goes back to ‘ Paramatma’ again. Hence, he (Arjun) should not hesitate to fight. He is just a means to an end, nothing else.

Whether it is ‘Ram or Krishna’, ‘Jesus or Allah’, God is only ‘One’. He doesn’t have any cast, creed or any boundary. It is neither ‘He’ nor ‘She’. We refer the word ‘He’ usually, only because assuming ultimate strength as masculine gender. Otherwise, ‘He’ or ‘She’ makes no difference in the pretext of ‘God’. This vast Universe is His creation. Nobody in the present world has seen neither, ‘ Ram nor Krishna’. But the description given to their characters, the idols are made. We accept that. Acceptance is trust and trust is ‘faith’. Undoubtedly, ‘Faith is God’. It gives us mental peace when we pray our desired ‘God’. Trust me, ‘God’ is there. Do not confuse. God is the ultimate Supreme Knowledge. Try once to get Him, but you require a pure heart, deep concentration, true love to attain Him.

‘Self- consciousness’, is the milestone to the Divine path. Can you do it? It is up to you.


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