A Costco Employee Gave Us His Keys

By Feeling Humble • April 6, 2015

The guy who checks receipts at the door at Costco noticed we had a huge load and a very small car. We told him we were about to rent a truck and asked him to watch our stuff (off to the side) for us while we sorted it out, and he handed us the key to his truck!!! Not kidding! Didn't ask our names, didn't ask any questions at all, just said "Go ahead!". His personal truck. And guess what? We did! Brought the new stuff home, brought the truck back, found out his favorite beer and bought him a case.

I'm going to think twice next time I criticize religion. This man had a Bible in his back seat. I have a whole new respect for the kindness of strangers, regardless of how, what or where they've learned this kindness from.


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