Meaning Of Happiness

By Ken • March 30, 2015

Happiness, what does it exactly mean? All my I have been working hard for my family. Having thought that this will make me happy, and I was the strongest among my brothers, i did stand up give up my studies, and landed on a job. I financed their education and leave my dreams behind. Within these past years I started to get tired. I was mad at my eldest brother who got married right away forgetting all his promise to help me get back to school. I fought back with my parents and moved out of the house. Within these past years i've changed. I get easily mad, irritated, and ignoring my family, blaming God, why He let this happen. Then I got sick, i lost my voice for a couple of days, I was living with my partner but i felt that i was all alone. I decided to go back to our house spend a few days until i recovered. My parents welcome me with arms wide open. I realized that I missed a lot of things. How did my brothers grew up without me, guiding them. My mom who' s taking care of my nephew, I know deep in my heart that she needs me due to her age. That she's old enough to take good care of a baby. Seeing my nephew brings me a lot of joy and being with my family Im at peace and contented. I never thought that I let this happen. I almost ruined my family, im so selfish. My heart was filled with hatred and because of that i didnt see all the blessings that God gave me. I almost forget how it feels seeing them laughing and together, which is my happiness since day one.


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