The Long View

By Joseph J. Mazzella • March 10, 2015

I had just finished shoveling out my driveway, my porches, and a walk path over to my

daughter’s house after yet another heavy snow. It was the fourth time I had shoveled out in a

week and I was wondering if my sore back was going to make it through the Winter. During two

of the times the wind chill had been so cold that my breath had frozen into ice on my glasses and

mustache. As I leaned my aching arms on my snow shovel, however, I heard something that

brought a burst of hope to my heart.

It was the birds singing. Their song spoke of Spring to my Winter weary heart. Even though

the start of Spring was still a month away and two feet of snow covered the ground the birds

were taking the long view. I closed my eyes and listened to their sweet music. In my heart I

could feel the green grass beneath my bare feet, I could see thousands of dandelions blooming in

the meadow, and I could warm myself in the Spring sunshine. It was a thought of pure joy that

lifted my spirits while I walked back home with a smile on my face.

I have always delighted in embracing the present moment, but sometimes when life is cold

and dark you need to take the long view. Sometimes you need to wrap your arms around hope

when joy seems too far away. Sometimes you need to look forward to Spring when your days are

too full of Winter. Sometimes you need to reach out for God’s hand even when you can’t see it.

As you travel through life don’t be afraid to take the long view then. Embrace your present

moments and fill them with all the love and joy you can, but look forward to the future as well.

Know too that the love you share and good you do today builds the better life you will have

tomorrow. And always remember that at the end of your journey is a place where there is no

hatred, fear, cold, or darkness only peace, love, warmth, and light.


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