Yet He Chooses To

By Kim S. Holdiman • March 1, 2015

Tonight as I cleaned out some papers on my desk, I found some old cards and letters that brought tears to my eyes. One was from an old friend that I haven't really known in years. We had a falling out of sorts a couple of decades back and just have been cordial when we run into each other. This past Christmas, she did what I should have done long ago. She wrote a heartfelt letter putting the past in the past and reaching out. We've only really exchanged the one letter back on forth, but still, it reminded me of the grace and forgiveness of Christ. Sometimes we take a while to accept it, but it's there waiting for us. Another letter was from the best guy in the world! Yes that would be my amazing husband. He wrote it a couple years back on Mother's Day. He used to always tell me that I wasn't his mother, so why would he get me anything for Mother's Day, so this beautiful and loving letter was a great surprise. If you knew all we have been through in our 28 years together, you would realize that it hasn't been an easy journey. We even came close to walking away at one point. Thankfully, God had other ideas for us. Again, His grace and forgiveness was there waiting for us both. The third and final note I ran across was from an anonymous writer. It was written a couple of years back as well. It was encouraging and really gave me a boost at just the right moment. Isn't it amazing how the Lord knows just what we need when we need it? Not only did He know how much I needed each of these notes when they came the first time, but He knew how much each would mean to me today as I was sorting through old papers. Each touched my heart in a special way. Each reminded me again of His command for us to love one another as He has loved us. (John 13:34) Each of these notes showed me love. Each of these people chose to show me love. That is my desire each day, to show God's love to those around me, whether they are my family, an old friend, someone who has hurt me in the past, or perhaps someone I don't know all that well and I show it anonymously. The point is to choose each morning to love, truly love those around us, not because they deserve it, but because we are choosing to follow after God selflessly. I know I didn't/don't deserve His love, compassion, forgiveness, grace, sacrifice, ...the list can go on. Yet He chooses to love me no matter what!


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