Path To Solace

By Bala • February 20, 2015

I have been going through a tough time recently, and have been missing work out of depression. This morning, i decided to go to a nearby temple to find some solace from all my troubles. The temple was almost empty with very few patrons so i was able to spend some time in peace and quiet. I was still brooding even when i walked out of the temple, when i noticed a ragged old lady who was crouched beside the temple wall calling out to me asking for alms. I usually make it a point to carry some loose change with me wherever i go, but on this instance, i didn't have any. So, i walked past her without a word. But, out of the corner of my eye, i could see her disappointment. So, after i had walked a few paces away from her, i started searching my pockets and found an old ten rupee note stuck in one of my jeans pockets. It wasn't much, but without thinking, i walked back to that lady and gave it to her. She was taken aback, as i guess, she really wasn't expecting me to come back. And when she said, bless you son, i felt my heart fill with a kind of happiness which i hadn't experienced for a very long time.

Sometimes, it is experiences like these which make me feel that i am born for a reason. Many of us tend to tell our troubles to God, and it does help sometimes. But try to spread what little happiness that you have with others, and you will discover that your worries have automatically disappeared.


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