Putting Down Your Phone

By Charlie B • January 17, 2015

Simple story with a big impact - for me at least.

I was checking out of a local grocery store. I was on the phone with my Mother with a cart full of groceries. I enjoy talking to my Mom. I enjoy the time I spend with her on the phone for whatever reason - even if it's about nothing.

When I "pulled up" to the check out line I said, "Mom, I'm checking out. Let me call you back." I hung up and the cashier (an older man) said, "Did you hang up just to check out?" I replied, "Yes, why wouldn't I?" He proceeded to thank me and tell me so many times people just stay one the phone - he has questions of which they don't hear or focus on, have questions about an item of which they are not coherent because they are trying to do too much at one time... and he thanked me. Thanked me for being focused; being in the moment.

He made me smile due to something I didn't even think about had such a huge impact. So - lesson I learned - when your kids want to talk to you on the drive home from school - PUT THE PHONE DOWN. Just the gesture in and of itself apparently has a huge impact on even the stranger.


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