Was It Luck Or An Act Of God ?

By Snehal ZD • January 24, 2013

It was a bright sunny day, and this incident happened when i was studying in Bangalore for my Masters. I got a call from my mom that my brothers marriage is fixed and they have arranged for a engagement ceremony in next few days. My hometown was pretty far about 34 hours journey from bangalore. So the next thing i was suppose to do is book my train ticket as their was no direct flight to my town. Anyways booking was done by a known person in my hostel. I had paid the whole amount in advance without the ticket in my hand. And when the day approached the agent vanished leaving me without ticket thus ruining all my travel plans.

But as it is said once you face such tough situations, you realize your inner strength and capability. I immediately decided that i would complete my whole journey in breaks from a bus. To add on to the adventure i just had 1 and a half day in my hand. Without further delay i took a bus to first city stop. This journey was about 16 hrs. The next bus was 12 hr to a city near to my hometown but again not direct. This second bus destination was a place my other relatives were also departing to attend my brothers engagement. So i had called them earlier and requested them to accommodate me. Graciously they agreed and half the battle was won.

Now we were just few hrs from the city of engagement venue where everybody was in anticipation that we would arrive in the evening. We all departed in 2 cars and stopped for lunch at a restaurant on our way. When we were boarding our cars my cousin sis asked me to switch places with her and she sat in front besides the driver and me too in front nearing the window.

The journey continued but in a fraction of second our life was about to change. Our driver was trying to overtake another vehicle when suddenly a truck came from front and we went directly head on in front of it. We crashed with the truck but call it luck or act of god the truck just stopped inches away from touching my body. Almost everyone in our car was injured with some damage to their skin face or scratch or a sudden hit to back or hip. Amongst ten members i was the one who was sitting in front directly facing the windscreen but to Gods grace i didn't even had a scratch. My cousin who switched places with me was severely injured with a major shoulder fracture.

The idea behind sharing such tragic incident is not to develop fear or anything, but simply that sometimes its your karma , luck, or mere presence of God that can save you from life's dangerous acts.

After that incident my faith in God or supreme power has definitely increased!

May dear Lord keep everybody safe and secure.


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