Life: A Journey To Some, A Race To The Most

By Dam Dikkari Dooo • January 6, 2015

We are running a race, a race which has no finish line whatsoever. All through our childhood and teenage years, we are groomed to be a part of this race which is usually referred to as the race for one’s survival. If you don’t start thinking much and just keep running, keeping faith in the words of our elders (who are most likely told to do so by their elders), it is very likely that one is leading a very normal life by human standards, which is good (meaning you have taken yourselves for granted). If at all you start thinking and try to question the very outcome of this race of life, there are only two possible outcomes – either you turn into a sane or become completely insane. To become sane one has to endure a lot and think straight all the time, whereas the former part of turning insane or going completely mad comes easily to everyone who try to question the very existence and are not ready to pay heed to the answers. Just asking questions will not lead us anywhere, if anything it will push you further down from where you stand. If you are only asking questions and not paying heed to the answers which the existence throws at you, you are just wasting your time. Instead, jogging or at least walking on the race track which I mentioned earlier makes much more sense than this. Asking proper questions won’t rest your case, if anything it makes your case even more complicated. This is a thin line between turning sane and going insane. Very few among us are able to cross this hurdle, and believe me they are not special by any chance; they are just more aware than us, and are in complete peace with themselves and their surroundings.


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