By Amina • December 23, 2014

It was very cold in the morning today. So I layered myself with warm clothes, fur boots, wollen cap and windproof jacket. My hands were still freezing. I rushed to the street where my office cab was waiting for me and the moment I boarded the cab I felt a huge relief, it was warm in the cab. I plugged in my headphones and started listening to some beautiful music. I was still sleepy so I closed my eyes to take a small nap. I was warm, the driver was driving the cab and all I was doing was enjoying the ride.

After sometime I opened my eyes, we had covered a great distance and we were about to reach office but was stuck in traffic and I saw a man walking in the street, wearing a thin white shirt. His hands tightly wrapped around him. I will never forget the look on his face. There was pain, helplessness, fading strength to fight that cold. I felt a sharp prick in my heart as he passed by my cab. The urge to give, the urge to help, the urge to get out of the cab and lend some money. But I could not do any of those. I'm flat broke. The only amount left with me would only afford some ciggerettes. I was sad, really sad. So I was thinking to myself or maybe communicatng with God, why don't I have lots of funds to help the needy? If only I were not so broke, I would have helped him. Where is the charity gone? I see them collecting loads of clothes, why didn't this poor guy get one?

A hell lot of question started popping in my head, if only I could go back to my house and get some warm clothes for him, but that again was'nt possible. I was helpless, and you know how it feels when you really want to help but you are so not able to.

While thinking about him I reached office and the moment I got down from the cab, I saw the garderner trimming the bushes, shivering in cold, again a thin shirt. My eyes didn't stop there, I saw some men near the construction area, some wearing thin jackets and some again, thin shirts. The poor guy on the road, the garderner in the lawn, the co-workers, how can so many people not have soemthing warm to wear during winters. Look at me, I'm so full of clothes, barely feeling cold and somewhat sweating.

If only I could buy some jackets from the wholesale which comes a lot cheaper but than I hardly have any penny left.

Feeling bad, guilty, helpless and sad I went inside the building. Started working on some of the required things and forgot about the incident that happened just a few hours ago.

I needed a break so came outside the building again to light a cigerette. After 2 or 3 drags I realised that it was no longer cold. The sun was bright and it was warm outside. The fog, the piercing cold had all vanished. I face lit up. I thanked God for making it warm atleast it would give warmth to people who don't have warm clothes, not only to those men visible to me but to those who are like them. I know it would be cold again tomorrow but atleast for the day I can be Thankful to God....


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