Love Over Fear

By Callie • December 13, 2014

When it comes down to it, there really is only love or fear to choose from. The obvious way we think about this is, choose love every time. The trouble we run into though, is that fear wears many disguises. It won’t always come to us as fear. It will come to us as practicality, being realistic, scarcity. We limit our abilities and build walls around our potential because we are afraid of our own greatness.

The thought of following our dreams and passions can be overwhelmingly exciting at first. Until the Ego realizes that you are about to start hammering away at the dim walls you've built for yourself. So, it sets in to sabotage. It will pull out your insecurities about the endeavor, then string neon lights on to it so it’ll be impossible to miss.

There is a weird comfort to staying in the normal, unexciting pattern that you’re used to. You’re not drawing attention to yourself, and you blend in to the crowd. The ego wants to keep your dreams down. It doesn't want you to reach your fullest potential because it can’t survive in light and love.

Obviously, love and fear couldn't be anymore different. When you choose fear or “practicality” you limit yourself into the smallest corner you can fit in. You are compressed and shrunken. When you choose love though, the universe opens up every door and window for you to go through to make your dreams possible. You may wonder why things still seem hard when you are following your dreams and gut, but those barriers are only there to see how badly you want it. You can’t kind of want a thing half heartedly, you have to go after it with everything you have.

The Ego will try to knock you down, but the thing about it is, it’s only an illusion. It’s fake. It doesn't exist. All it is, is a thought you created in your head, it’s not real. Leave your Ego at the door when you are following your passion. Moving towards your dreams is bigger than you, because what you were born to do will affect others as well. It not only involves faith in yourself, it involves faith in the universe. The Ego knows neither of these things and will only restrict you. Do what you know you should be doing, and do it well. The universe will take care of everything else.


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