Our Daily Bread

By Joseph J. Mazzella • November 26, 2012

It was the Christmas break from school almost 40 years ago. I had spent most of the morning like any young boy would, playing outside in the snow and soaking up the few hours of sunlight on the shortest day of the year. I had delighted in stomping through the freshly frozen flakes, making snowballs to throw at the trees, and watching the smoky breath float out of my mouth. After a while, though, the cold got to be too much and I went back inside my house.

I took off my wet coat and put on my favorite blue sweater. Then I walked into the kitchen. My Mom and Grandma had just finished baking two loaves of Italian bread. The smell was heavenly. Mom looked up, smiled at me and asked me what I wanted for lunch. I smiled back and pointed to the delicious looking loaves. Mom laughed, cut a slice off the end, and buttered it for me. Then she told me to go sit by the stove in the living room and get warm. Taking my slice with me I snuggled into my favorite chair, ate my bread, and felt the gentle heat from the stove warm my little body. It was a moment of pure peace and heartfelt happiness. I felt so good, so loved, and so content that I remember it to this day.

There is a good reason why when Jesus taught us the Lord's Prayer He had us ask our Heavenly Father only for our daily bread. It is because nothing else is necessary. Our daily bread and God's love are all we need in this life. They are all we need to live. They are all we need to love. They are all we need to have the joy we all so desire. Anything else is just an extra blessing to be used to make this world a better place for us all.

The next time you pray then thank God for the daily bread that fills your stomach. Thank God for His daily love that fills your soul. Thank God for the loving heart that beats in your chest. Then go out and with great joy share your bread, your blessings, and your love with the world.


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