Relay Race

By LoveLife • October 28, 2014

As I was walking along the street recently I overheard a girl talikng on her phone. She was walking ahead of me and speaking quite loudly. It was a quiet street and there was only the two of us in sight, so even though I wasn't trying to eavesdrop on her conversation, it was difficult not to do so. What I gathered from her situation was that she was in desperate need of a not too large sum of money and she needed it now. There was only one person she could turn to and it seemed that this would be an unpleasant encounter which she was dreading. I knew the feeling having been in that situation myself, many times, when having to turn to family members for a loan. I was waiting for her to finish the conversation so that I could approach her. But the conversation didn't look like it was going to end and we were fast approaching a junction and would probably be going in different directions. I happened to have more than enough cash on me having just been to the bank, so I approached her and politely interrupted her conversation. She seemed startled but friendly, and put her conversation on hold. I told her I hoped she didn't mind but I had heard some of her plight during her call and would, if she had no objection like to offer her the amount mentioned. I stressed that I in no way saw it as a loan and that if she so wished all I would ask is that she do something in the way of kindness for someone else one day as that would be payment enough for me. She was shocked, but as I think she knew or felt I was being genuine, graciously accepted my offer offering me a heartfelt blessing in return. In an age where nowadays most people, I find, are somewhat wary of strangers, this to me was as much reward as I could wish for. She went back to her conversation and I continued on my journey. I am by no means financially rich, but I felt much richer in spirit having done this. I posted this story not to glorify what I did, but just in the hope that it might inspire others to act accordingly. You see as a human race if we could live as if we were in a relay race constantly passing the baton of good deeds from one to another instead of trying to extract immediate payment from one another, I just think it would help to make the world a better place. Love and Gratitude to all who read this. I wish you all the very best fortune in your life, that life has to offer!


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