A Mom's Letter

By Nic Paclibar • October 26, 2014

Dear Son,

What do you tell to a son that is responsible, serious to a fault and sensitive? Let me begin by telling you of how proud I am of what you are. What you are is what you will be – this I truly believe looking at you. You have never caused me to worry and I always admire your focus to tasks at hand. At times you need prodding but this does not mean you have let go, simply a short break you would say. And this I respect.

Now is probably the best time to tell you about a little secret back when you were still in 1st grade, a time when you often asked if you will make it to school, if you can answer the exam, if you can memorize an assigned line. Do you recall the coin in your shoe and the red ribbon in your pocket? How you would have either of these things when you are into something? Do you remember me telling you that having either of these would draw powers that would allow you to make things happen? There was never any magic or power in the coin or on the ribbon. All along, it was always you, who believe that you can conquer any challenges thrown your way.

As you step into a new phase in your youth, I pray that you not lose the balance between what is good and not, to always look back at yourself and your family – your younger siblings most specially as you are to them there one and only kuya and hero. Nothing in this world is permanent but let your love for Ia and Wayne be as I and Dada to you. Never be afraid to commit mistakes and learn from it.

If all is unwell and you are bothered, let me be the first to console you and do let me remind you that a day always ends and as it does, all will always be well. If at times you feel tired, look back at us- your family and know we will always stand by you no matter what.

Your life is yours to lead. I am simply a mother who wishes you success in all your endeavours. The first time I laid my eyes on you, it was all so blurry. Groggy with anaesthesia, the only thing I remembered was counting your fingers and your toes – looking for marks in your body to ensure I would recognize you if in case we be parted. I am saying this to you so you would understand that even if I do trust you and would allow as much space to let you grow, I am simply a mother whose job includes worrying. I know I have no cause to worry as then again you have always shown high sense of responsibility and sensitivity.

May you continue to have the heart to inspire yourself and others. You never cease to amaze me when you prod your siblings to do more than mediocrity. Caution though my strong-willed son, responsible and serious you are, enjoy each moment, experience and challenge.

Savour all as much as you could without losing yourself in the process. Do not wait for the memory, make memories of your youth, enjoy your fun times with your close buddies and nurture your relationship with your family. To the last remaining days of your 6th grade, be excited as you step on the next level while thanking God for all the beautiful things He had graciously showered on you.

Continue to be the best of what you can be!

Semper ad meliora,



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