It's All True.

By Happy Happy • October 16, 2014

I no sooner was walking in the prison yard one fine sunny day when a tough and hardened con shouted in my face; What are you looking at???

Without the slightest hesitations I put my arm around an imaginarily person, and blurted out; Just talking to my friend Happy Ness here. Well, honest to goodness that got his attention, and he came over to me, and gave me a raised fisted salute, and said; I heard about you. You didn't squeal on your partner, and walked away, and so did all the other cons too. I knew beyond a doubt something had just been established just then and there.

Sadly, I was released from this maximum federal penitentiary on my 25th birthday, way back on April 4, 1960, at the vile life of age 25. Alas, on December 8, 1962, I was walking down the street, just a block from my bachelor apartment when out of the blue a 16 year old teen approached me, and had the nerve to say; How would you like to go to a Youth for Christ meeting tonight? Under me breath I said to her; "Got lost kid"

Nonetheless I went to that meeting, and found Jesus as Lord and Saviour that night. Within approximately ten minuets of my new conversion, I walked up to the director of YFC and blurted out; Can I tell my testimony to the 40 teens from Chicago that put on this Christian concert. (Obviously I shared with the director what I was going to divulge, and without hesitation he quickly gathered those 40 teens into a large room.)

I started out by confessing my vile life of crime & drugs. Without fear, I shared how my beautiful 25 year old mother died two hours after I was born, and that I was born two months premature, weighing all of two pounds. Worst yet, that my dad used to smash me in the face as a child, telling my I had murdered his wife. Sorry to say I believed that lie until I was 27 years old, and to date, have been set free, and free indeed.

There's more, but this introductory will wet your appetite to have me write again,

Blessing multiplied.

Your brother in Christ, Happy Ness Happy. Toronto On, Canada.

Author, traveller, and speaker, now in my 80th year.


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