A Little Closer To Heaven

By Joe Mazzella • October 3, 2012

It is a lovely Autumn day as I write this. An evening rain has led to a brisk morning. There is a freshness in the air too that makes my lungs expand with joy. The sun is up, slowly warming the world with its heat and light. On the trees the green leaves are rapidly changing to wondrous colors created by God's own hand. The yellows and golds are shining in the sunlight. The brilliant oranges are putting the pumpkins to shame. The bright reds are making the mountains ablaze with their beauty. The darker reds, burgundies and even browns are starting to appear as well. Just looking at them fills my heart with happiness. On glorious days like these it is easy to feel a little closer to Heaven.

It isn't just in the midst of Autumn's wonder that I feel closer to Heaven, though. I have felt closer to Heaven in the sweat of Summer's hottest days. I have felt closer to Heaven walking home during the heavy showers of Spring. I have even felt closer to Heaven during the shortest, coldest, and darkest days of Winter. No matter what the season or the weather, I have felt closer to Heaven every time I have chosen to love.

You see, it is love that is the color of our souls. It is love that is the warmth of our hearts. It is love that brings the light of God into us and shines the light of God out of us. It is love that we all are called to give to the world. When we choose to love everyday is a glorious day. When we share love everyday feels a little closer to Heaven.

As you journey through the seasons of your own life here I hope that you always make love your traveling companion. I hope that each step you take together brings you closer to Heaven. I hope that you inspire other souls to join you as well until the day your travels bring you home again into your Heavenly Father's loving arms.


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