Soaking Up The Sun

By Joe Mazzella • September 18, 2012

When you go through this life with your eyes open, you soon see that everything in it is a miracle. You realize that you are a part of this miracle too from your first breath until your last sigh. You start to notice that you are connected not only with every person on this planet but also with every part of creation as well from the stones under your feet to the sun in the sky.

I got a beautiful reminder of this recently. I was taking a morning walk near the woods by my home. A cool, September rain had left everything smelling, fresh and new. I was enjoying the double delight of seeing the first leaves on the trees turning to bright reds and brilliant yellows while under them the wild flowers of Summer were still blooming away.

Suddenly, I felt the warmth of a sunbeam kiss my face. The gray, heavy clouds from the earlier rain were beginning to drift apart and shafts of sunshine were breaking through to light up parts of the woods. It was so beautiful seeing this glorious dance of light and shadow. As I was taking it all in I saw a tiny tortoise slowly crawling his way from the dark to the light. When he finally reached a spot where the sun was shining down on a rock, he stopped and started to soak up Heaven's gift. I stood there and watched my shell-backed friend for a long time. And when I turned to head back to my home my heart felt warmer as well.

It is so great to be a part of God's creation. It is so wonderful to be able to feel His love and His light. Thankfully, God's light isn't limited to just sunny days. It always shines. Even on the darkest and coldest nights it is there. All we need to do is to step into it and let it fill us with joy. All we need to do is soak up its warmth and love and share it with the world. All we need to do is to happily take our place in this miracle that is life.


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