Memories Of Mom

By Joe Mazzella • September 4, 2012

Memory is often the source of our greatest joys as well as our deepest regrets. I cherish every memory I have of my Mom, but at the same time I regret no longer being able to create new ones with her. My Mom left this world when I was only 25 years old. I was far too young and foolish then to realize what a blessing every moment with her was. I never got a chance to say, "Thank You" to her for all of them. All I can do now then is to share these memories with you and pray that Mom will be reading this as well by God's side in Heaven. I also pray that you too will take today to thank all those who bless your life with their love.

Mom, I remember all of those little bowls of cereal you would bring me as a bedtime snack when I was a boy. I remember all of those stories you would read to me before bed and how safe and loved I felt when you tucked me in at night.

Mom, I remember you showing me how to pop popcorn in our old cast iron skillet, how you smiled when I sometimes burned it, and how we would share it out of a big bowl when we watched TV together.

Mom, I remember how scared you were when I wrecked my bicycle and split my head open. I remember you rushing me to the hospital for stitches and calming me even though you were more frightened than I was. I remember too another time in the hospital when I woke up alone and terrified after having my tonsils taken out only to see you sitting by my side with a bowl of ice cream.

Mom, I remember the time you spanked my butt when I took something that didn't belong to me and I remember looking into your eyes after it was done and seeing that it hurt you more than it hurt me.

Mom, I remember when you spent hours walking with me searching for my dog, Duke when he ran away. You never let me lose hope. I remember too you putting him in my bed after he finally found his own way home.

Mom, I remember every time you inspired me to work hard, do good in school, and go on to college. I also remember all those boxes of food you and Dad would bring to me when I was in college. You always kept my stomach full and my mind hungry.

Mom, I remember you teaching me to drive even though I nearly scared you to death when I got behind the wheel. You taught me well and never gave up, even when it cost you a scratched bumper and a few more gray hairs.

Mom, I remember you crying with joy the first time I ever wrote something about how much you meant to me. It was the best encouragement this writer ever got.

Mom, I remember how you never complained when you took me, my wife, and newborn baby son into your home when I was struggling financially the first years of my marriage. You showed me what it takes to love and raise a child.

Mom, I remember all the lessons you taught me about patience, humor, and courage when you faced your long battle with cancer. It may have finally taken your body, but it never got your spirit. I also remember how you always ended our phone calls those last years of your life with those three words that live on inside of me today: "I Love You!"

Mom, I would give everything I have for just one more hug from you. You gave me so much love. You helped make my heart and soul what they are today. I love you and will continue to love you more every single day of my life.


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