He Built A 'Stairway To Heaven' To Thank His Grandmother For Believing In Him

August 11, 2015

Cai Guoqiang is China's most prominent fireworks artist. One of his most recent creations is this incredible burning ladder that stretches for 1,650 feet into the sky.

How did he do it?

sky ladder
Photo: DailyMail

The ladder was filled with gun-powder and attached to the bottom of a hot air balloon.

stairway to heaven
Photo: DailyMail

The hot air balloon was launched from a boat off the shore of Huiyu Island in Fujian province.

artist makes ladder in the sky
Photo: DailyMail

Cai Guoqiang says the "Sky Ladder" is his way of thanking his grandmother who raised him and supported his dream of becoming an artist.

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