You Won't Believe The Letter This Mom Received For Talking Too Much About Her Baby On Facebook

April 14, 2015

Jade Ruthven is a 33 year-old mother who's very proud of her 6 month-old baby girl, Addy. She could not believe it when she received a nasty, anonymous letter in her mailbox from one of her so-called "friends."

mom receives nasty letter about facebook posts of baby
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Jade shared the letter with the Australian parenting website iVillage out of her passion to combat bullying and to stand up for other moms who are simply going about loving their babies, not harming anyone, not offending anyone and certainly not deserving of this.

"At first I was in shock. I thought this must be a joke? I read it and re-read it about four times," she said.

This is the letter she received:

mom receives nasty letter about facebook posts of baby

After the initial shock, Jade shared the letter on a couple mother communities on Facebook and has been flooded with support.

"I'm proud that my friend is using this as an opportunity to teach the world that mummy-bullying is unacceptable," one of her friends in her online mothers group, Kylie, said. "She's turning negativity into positivity and I think that shows so much strength."

"The response after I posted the letter has blown my mind," Jade said. "My aim was to try shame these people into coming forward as I was so angry and hurt. I have been part of two FB mothers groups. The ladies in these groups are amazing and a great support network. They were all totally disgusted in the letter and went on a mission to share it around to show their support. To be honest this has totally backfired on the people who planned to knock me down as I have never felt so strong and loved!"

Credit: iVillage.

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