This Family Portrait Might Look Odd At First, But The Reason Behind It Is Truly Beautiful

April 10, 2015

Sierra Sharry's world came crashing down when her boyfriend, Lane Smith, died from a jet ski accident last summer. Sierra was eight months pregnant at the time and looking forward to raising their child together.

"I'm pregnant, we'd been together for a while and I had my entire life planned out," Sierra said in tears. "I pray every single day, and I have a beautiful child to remind me of what I had."

girl baby and ghost dad picture
Sierra Sharry and Lane Smith

Sierra welcomed her son Taos into the world, and during his 6 month photo shoot, she asked photographer Kayli Henley if she could find a way to edit in an image of the father.

"They asked me if I would be willing to 'play around' with capturing their first family photo by editing Taos' daddy in one of their pictures," Kayli wrote on Facebook. "I had played around with the idea in my head before they approached me about it but never knew if I could make this reality for them. So glad I could and they can cherish this forever."

The result is this "ghost-like" photo of Lane looking over his wife's shoulder - as if looking after his family.

girl baby and ghost dad picture
Credit: Kayli Rene' Photography

Since Kayli shared the unique family portrait on her Photography Facebook Page along with Sierra's story, it has become a viral sensation on social media. It has some 228,000 likes and more than 30,000 shares.

Sierra added:

"July 13th 2014 was the absolute worst day of my life. I lost my best friend. The father of my unborn child. And since that day I have felt so empty inside. A part of me will forever be missing. I loved that man more than life itself.

Thanks to Kayli I now have a picture of my little family. It brought me to tears as I know it will many if y'all. This is how I picture us. Taos and I living our lives the best we can with Lane ALWAYS watching over our shoulder. He is watching out for his little boy better than anyone and i know he's got to be so proud. I love my little family sooooo much and I'm proud to be the mother to Lanes little boy."

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