She Posted This Reality Check To Remind Us All That "Healthy" Does Not Mean "Perfect"

March 29, 2015

This woman on Imgur posted these photos along with a powerful, uplifting message to remind all of us that "healthy" does not mean "perfect."

woman healthy vs perfect

In addition to her photo's, she wrote:

"We aren't Barbies. We are made of flesh and blood. These are all the same body -- my body. I have worked hard for this body and I am proud of this body. In a world where we are surrounded by the images of our friends highlight reel sometimes it's good to see a little reality so we can keep our expectations real. No matter where you are on your body's journey, be proud and love yourself. Make goals because you love your body not because you hate it."

After her post went viral, she added:

"Wow. I am so very grateful that my message was received by so many in the way it was intended. We all struggle with body image, we are all in this together!

The important thing is that we love our bodies -- and when I say that I mean that we care for our bodies. We won't always like everything that they do, or the path they have gone down or everything that happens to them but we do have to love them (like family). Respect them, guide them, show them kindness, mercy, forgiveness, push them to be their best with positive affirmation and encouragement! Be thankful for them."

What a powerful reminder for us all.

(H/T) Hello Giggles. Credit: SomewhereUnderWater

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