A Teacher Noticed Two Students Were Coming To Class High. Instead Of Telling, He Did This

February 10, 2015

A teacher noticed two of his brightest students had begun smoking pot before his class and their grades were slipping as a result of putting no effort into assignments or not doing them at all. He knew they were smoking because he has a medical prescription for marijuana to treat his PTSD.

He asked an online forum how he should address the problem without involving administration - like he is supposed to - because he knew they would screw it up for these kids being that they think marijuana use is "Satan." He even hides from administration the fact that he has a medical prescription.

This is what he did for a couple of students who clearly needed help...

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I decided to confront Ricky and Julian about their drug use after school. I gave them both detention after school under the guise of the "No Zero Policy" my school board implemented. Basically we can force students to complete work by assigning them to detention every day until their work has been completed, its surprisingly effective so much that it is rarely used. I gave my Grade 10's a very simple assignment over the weekend, all of whom had completed it except Ricky and Julian.

Me: "Ricky, where is your X assignment?"
Ricky: "Sorry, I was busy and forgot. I'll do it when I get home today."
Me: "No, You will do it HERE when school is over and you will stay until it is done. You had all weekend at home."
Ricky: "Oh-okay"
Me: "Same goes for you Julian."
Julian: "Uhh I can't stay after school today, my mom is picking me up for my hockey game."
Me: "When and where is your game?
Julian: "Uhh 4:30 at uhh X arena."
Me: "Well good news, I am here today until 8 to help with X, I will call your mother after class and see if she can drop you off on the way home from your game."

I proceed to continue with the class. Julian was absolutely terrified that I would be calling his mother. So terrified that he "remembered" that his game is actually tomorrow at 4:30. Teenagers suck at lying. Stoned teenagers are even worse at it.

The Confrontation

After school, Ricky shows up almost immediately after the final bell rang and started working on his assignment without being asked. Right on Ricky.

Julian shows up a few minutes later and I sent him to the library with orders to stay put until I come and check up on him.

Ricky finishes up the assignment in 5 minutes, comes up puts the assignment on my desk and proceeds to leave.

Me: "Hold up Ricky, I need to have a word with you briefly."
Ricky: "Uhh ok."
Me: "How are you feeling these days, things all good at home?"
Ricky: "Yeah things are fine, doing pretty good."
Me: "Your grades aren't doing very well at the moment which is why I am concerned. I'm sure you have noticed too."
Ricky: "Yes." [looking solemnly at the floor]
Me: "You were doing well up to December, is there any reason you haven't been able to apply yourself in the New Year?"
Ricky: "I don't know, I guess I could just try harder."
Me: "Do you think it could be due to the fact that you have been smoking weed with Julian before all of my classes?"

I see a look of sheer terror creep across Ricky, he is struggling to collect his composure. Students never know that teachers know.

Ricky: "I.. I don't smoke weed."
Me: "Ricky, I know when you are stoned just as well as the rest of the class likely does. You smell like weed right now."
[Ricky is silent]
Me: "Look, I am not here to bust you for smoking weed. I want you to succeed. You have immense potential and you are doing yourself a disservice by slacking off. Do you think it could be weed that is causing your grades to slip?"
Ricky: "M...maybe."
[Hand Ricky tissues]
Me: "Do your parents know you smoke weed?"
Ricky: "No."
Me: "Would you like to keep it that way?
Ricky: "Please."

I ended up drafting a contract with Ricky containing the following conditions:

1. Not showing up to class stoned for the rest of the school year.

2. Handing in all assignments on time for the month of February

3. Write a three page essay answering these questions:
- How does marijuana use affect the developing teenage brain versus a fully formed adult brain?
- How has marijuana use affected me?
- What is a better use of your weed money?

4. Parents/Administration will be notified if he fails to meet any of the criteria.

5. Weekly meetings to discuss their progress.

6. For added incentive I offered to tell them one story from my deployment. As a rule I do not discuss my military career with students, I only answer general questions.

I have Ricky sign the contract and send him home. I suspect that he tipped off Julian before he left because by the time I retrieved him from the library, he fessed up to smoking weed almost immediately. The conversation went the same way as it did with Ricky but with fewer tears. I drafted a similar contract for Julian and sent him on his way.

- Neither kid is stoned and they participated in the class discussion.
- Completed their in-class assignment before most of the class.

- Still sober.
- Julian handed in his assignment early (due Friday).
- Both students active in class again.

Success so far.

This post was originally written and submitted to reddit.

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