24 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Relationship Before Committing To Marriage

January 24, 2015

Marriage can be a wonderful journey if you choose the right person to spend it with, but before popping the question (or saying "yes"), you should ask yourself these questions. Then decide whether to make the lifelong commitment.

questions to ask before marriage

I recently got engaged and here are some of the things that I asked myself before I proposed:

1. Do I really, really, deep down want to spend every day of the rest of my life with this particular person?

2. Do I trust this person 100% with my secrets, my finances, my life?

3. Can I talk about absolutely anything with this person and how do they react?

4. What do I really not like about this person, what could I change if I really wanted too?

5. Do we share the same ideas on what we see in the future?

6. Do we both want kids?

7. When I have spent a long period of time with this person and they drive away, do I want to chase after their car and jump in the passenger seat OR am I glad to now finally have time on my own to be "myself"?

8. What is this person like when we disagree on things?

9. Has this person ever abused me (verbally, emotionally, physically) or someone I care about?

10. How does this person treat the waiter / waitress when we go to a restaurant?

11. How often do we have sex and is sex really enjoyable?

12. What happens after sex?

13. How do I get along with this persons family? Does this person get along with my family? If not, why?

14. Does this person tell me if something is bothering them or do they let it bottle up?

15. Can I tell this person if something is wrong without feeling anxious or do I let it bottle up?

16. If this person was in a car accident tomorrow and was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their life would that change anything about the way I thought of them?

17. How much money do I have? How much money does this person have?

18. Can I count on this person to always be there for me and to support me in everything that I do?

19. Am I personally ready for marriage? Is there anything that I haven't yet done that I really want to do that I can't do with this person in my life permanently?

20. Does this person accept me despite all of my insecurities, all of my faults and all of the bad things about me?

21. Does this person ever try to change who I am or even hint at it?

22. Has this person seen me at my absolute worst or only when I'm at my best?

23. Does this person offer me everything I have ever wanted from a partner?

24. Have I asked this person's parent for permission to marry them? Is this something that is important to them?

Of course, all the answers to these questions may not be the "right" answer but this gives you an idea of what I asked myself. I am personally of the belief that there is no set amount of time required in order to know someone before you propose (or say "yes" to a proposal), rather I think it is more important that the person has seen you in lots of different situations and that you have seen them in lots of different situations. Good luck!

Credit: oz2usa

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