Today I Learned The Real Reason Why There Are Envelope Folds On A Baby Onesie

November 22, 2014

Your probably think that the envelope-folds around the neck-hole on a onesie are there to make it easier to get the onesie on over a baby's head.

real reason for shoulder folds on onsie
Credit: Etsy

But reddit user BB_Blogza discovered the real reason:

Diaper Blowouts.

"Turns out that they're for cases when you have an 'explosive nappy' so that you can shimmy the onesies down, instead of taking it up and over their head, causing a HUGE mess!"

This is way better than getting poo in your baby's hair...

baby onsie shoulders

... Or a 3am bath.

Poo. It always comes back to poo.

(H/T) Buzzfeed. Credit: BB_Blogza

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