10 Creepy Ghost Stories From People Who Have Encountered Something Paranormal

October 25, 2014

Have you ever experienced something that you just can't explain?

With Halloween around the corner, here are 10 creepy ghost stories from people who have experienced what they believe was paranormal activity. After you read them, you can decide for yourself.

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1. "A few years ago one night at around 3AM my wife and I were sleeping and I feel myself slowly waking up from a really deep sleep. My eyes started lifting up and as soon as they focused on the lamp on my dresser it slid off and shattered on the floor. My wife and I quickly sat up and looked at each other horrified at the startling noise. We agreed we would clean it in the morning and went back to sleep. The next morning when we woke up the lamp was at the foot of the bed (about 5 feet from where it fell) completely in tact and not broken at all. We are still trying to make sense of it."

2. "From 3 until 13 I lived in a nice home out near yosemite national park, nothing super spectacular about it, 4 bedrooms, a den, dining room, the norm. Just down a little dirt road and (if you've ever been around those parts you'll know) miles away from civilization. My whole childhood I was visited by this girl in white, she never spoke, I would just wake up at night and see or feel her there. I asked my dad and his response every time was 'the men in our family can see ghosts.' My rational of this (I'm a skeptic, I remain that to this day but the story I'm telling made me question) was that we had some sort of mild schizophrenia running through our family. It didn't bother me, she didn't look like other people. There was something 'off' about her. After my father died my mother decided to sell the house and went through a realtor. We never once had contact with the buyers, only knew them by name. The buyers had a son who went to the same school as our old neighbors (dear friends of the family) and the son apparently came to school without sleep repeatedly, complaining that there was a girl who watched him at night and that he needed to get out. Ugh, shivers up my spine every time I remember this."

3. "The only one I have is when I was in 4th grade. When I was little, I would always sleep with my door open. I went though a faze where I would wake up between 3:00 /4:00 AM every night, and every single night I would hear footsteps walking up my stairs, around my living room, through my dining room, across my kitchen and down my hallway. They would always stop right before my doorway, then turn around and go back into the basement. But one night they didn't stop, what I saw was a shadow of a little girl/boy (couldn't tell) walk right in front of my doorway, look at me for a few seconds, then it walked away, back down the stairs. I slept with the door closed the next night."

4. "When I was a child we lived in a house that we could hear footsteps on the stairway every single night. At the same home, my mother saw my sister, during the day, having a long conversation with someone. (invisible). At some point my sister fell on the floor and said "stop pushing me". My sister was about 2.5 years old. My mother was so terrified that we had to move days later."

5. "A friend of mine was taking a picture of herself and her daughter kissing and in the background you can clearly see a figure that was not there. She had "ghost experts" come in and check around the house and found nothing. After some research they found one of the previous owners was a mortician or ran a funeral home or something. I have known this girl for years and it would completely shock me if this was fabricated as I saw how upset she was and how much money she dished out for experts. They no longer live there." (Picture Below)
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Credit: dvac23

6. "We moved in to a house and everything was really quite the first 6 months or so. The neighbors told us that the people who lived there before had moved after their teenage son died in a motorcycle accident. Then after that first 6 months my dad died, not in the house, after that, stuff started to happen. I would have friends sleep over and one night my friend woke me up because she said there was a young guy standing in my bathroom. So I went and checked and nothing was there. Over the next few years just about any friends that stayed over night had said they saw the tall blonde young guy walking around the house. We did have a few other things happen like a wine glass was on the counter and it broke. No one was touching it, it just shattered on the counter. Another time during the winter we had the heater on and my room was always the warmest in the house and it was ice cold as you walked across my bedroom to the bathroom that was connected. The creepiest thing was when my boyfriend was sleeping on the couch in the middle of the night and he said he woke up to a young guy pushing him off on to the floor. He said the guy didn't say anything, but my boyfriend at the time knew that he had to leave and he did. He wouldn't stay at my place after that."

7. "So I get home from my job as a server at midnight. I cook myself dinner, and as I'm cooking my dog starts growling and barking towards the middle of the room at nothing. This is especially weird because she never, ever barks. She was a rescue and I bought her as a sense of security when I'm home alone (I'm a female) and I could never get her to bark at anyone. I dismiss her barking as odd but I finish cooking and eat. I start to clean and turn the sink on because it takes forever to get hot, but right when I turned around the sink turned off on its own. Again, I think it's odd, but I don't really think it's worth freaking out over. The hair on the back of my dog is standing up straight, but no one is home and it's midnight so I figure I'd just tough it out, even though I was beginning to get a little spooked. After cleaning, I go in the bathroom and sit on the sink to pluck my eyebrows. My bathroom was small, with the sink immediately to your right as you enter, with the toilet next to it, bathtub at the end, and toilet paper dispenser directly across the toilet (it was a really narrow room so you could reach the TP while sitting on the toilet). So the way I was sitting, the toilet paper dispenser was behind me. After 2-3 minutes I hear a weird noise behind me, so I turn around and I shit you not, the whole roll of toilet paper was unraveling fast as fuck, like someone was pulling it. I nope'd the hell out of that bathroom. The door was closed and it had no windows, so it couldn't have been a breeze. I put a leash on my dog and ran out of that apartment faster than Ussain Bolt. By the time this happened it was already around 2 am. None of my friends were awake so I spent the night sitting outside of the door to my apartment. When I went back in the next morning, the whole roll of toilet paper was on the ground, and the roll was probably 3/4 full."

8. "I live in Mississauga and I have a Hungarian Kuvasc named K2 (after the famous peak in Pakistan).i go for daily walks every day with him, once in morning and once in night. Most nights are pretty uneventful except when K2 stops in front of a bench near a thickly wooded area and just stares at it. At first, i try to ignore it thinking k2 just sits there for rest or there are squirrels nearby. However lately, i have been noticing K2 getting pretty aggressive at the bench like it does when its about to fight another dog. I try to ignore it but then one day, K2 starts barking really loudly and drags me to fight whatever its seeing. Now this is pretty dangerous especially during winter as its brutal in Canada and if i slip in the snow, there's no one to help me. I had to use all my energy to drag him away from that area and i was kinda spooked and kinda excited. I asked my dad, who believes in paranormal stuff, how to deal with this and he said, if there is paranormal stuff going around then its best that you either change the walking route or go talk to it and tell it that we mean no harm. Naturally i chose the latter because i like walking in the forest as its so peaceful and walking through that bench area was the only way to get to it. Me and K2 went and when we got to the bench, i said loudly,"Peace be upon you, we mean no harm, if you can walk away whenever my dog is around, i would greatly appreciate it." I shit you not, this thing actually got up and left. I can you tell you because K2's head was moving wherever this thing was moving. I was so scared at that point but it was worth it in the end as it made the walking that much peaceful."

9. "When I was in 7th grade my mom picked me up from a friend's house I had never been to way out in the country. Well, we got lost and could not get back to a major road for the life of us. We ended up going for about 2 miles down a very thin road covered with trees on both sides. No street lights, no houses, just thick trees in pitch blackness. Approaching was a covered bridge and I remember saying, 'Mom, we never went over a bridge you need to turn around.' We turned around and as we started heading back, we saw a man dressed in plaid and overalls walking along the right side of the road heading in the direction we were heading. He wasn't there on the way down so the only possible place he could have come from was the trees. My mom thought about asking for directions but I talked her out of it, because I was really freaked out. He never once turned back to see that a car was behind him with bright lights. He just kept walking straight ahead, and when we passed by, I could not see any facial features. My window was just a couple feet away. Not long after we told that story to friends, we found out that a farmer had hung himself at that covered bridge."

10. "I'm not usually one that believes in the paranormal but this made me question everything. My girlfriend had always told me her house was haunted. I'd always here creeks and stuff upstairs and the occasional foot step but I always played it off as normal house noises until one night in August of this year. We were downstairs watching TV like usual, about to go to bed when we both got a very weird feeling almost simultaneously. She gave me a weird look and I didn't think anything of it so we went to bed. Then we both heard the words 'goodnight' in a child's voice. Considering there weren't children in the house we both looked at each other like 'why would you say goodnight like that?' Then we realized neither of us had said it and we left her room fairly quickly.

We went downstairs to lay on the couch and watch a little TV and come to our senses and figure out where those words could have come from. Then we got both got that someone's watching you feeling. Not like, "oh, that dude over there has been staring at me" but a "something will not take their eyes off me no matter what I do feeling." So we decided it best to leave the house. We went to walk out the front door, but right as we were about to open it, we heard the child's voice again. This time it came from the balcony right above us in the entryway. Clear as day a child said "mommy and daddy." We looked at each other, I may or may not have screamed, and we ran to my car and decided to drive to the one place that was open in our small Oregon town. Walmart.

It's now about 4 am and I have to be at work in 5 hours so we decide to go back to her house and try to get some sleep and see what happens. We walk into the front door and nothing but quiet. We walk up the stairs, turn right, and suddenly it sounds like a dog is growling from her upstairs bathroom. It takes me a second though because I grew up with dogs and all I could think was that it was just mine in there being weird. 5 seconds later I realize I'm at her house and no dog has ever set paw in there. Something was growling at me and I had no idea what.

At this point I'm pissed at whatever is happening because I'm tired and need to sleep for work. So I come up with this brilliant plan of talking to shit to whatever is causing all these problems. The only thing that sticks out at this point is me yelling, 'If you're so pissed, do something about it!' Right after that I feel something pull my shirt. I turn around thinking my girlfriend is playing a very unfunny joke on me, but no. She was still downstairs. Something pulled my shirt. After that I decided it was time to leave for the night. At 6 am, we get in my car and drive to my mom's house. I went to work while my girlfriend slept at my moms place and when I got off we went back to her house to check things. Everything seemed fine except for the one picture of us she had hanging on her wall was knocked to the ground like something out of a freaking horror movie. But she was to exhausted to care about my safety at that point and I was so tired I was willing to let whatever was there kill just so I could get some rest. 2 weeks later we moved out and haven't had any problems since. I never believed in the paranormal at all until this happened."

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