Man Survives Wildfire By Scuba Diving In Pool While Fire Raged Around Him

July 10, 2024

In a harrowing tale of survival against the odds, an Australian man recounted his dramatic escape from a devastating wildfire that swept through Western Australia years ago.

Peter Fabrici, a 53-year-old resident, found himself facing a raging inferno that ravaged over 7,000 acres and destroyed more than 30 homes in the area.

man survives scuba in pool wildfire
AI generated image of pool surrounded by wildfire

As the fire approached, while many evacuated, Fabrici made a brave decision to stay behind and defend his home. Equipped with scuba diving gear to help him breathe in the thick smoke, he battled spot fires and increasing winds as long as he could.

However, when the situation became too perilous, Fabrici sought refuge in his neighbor's pool.

"I got into the pool with my scuba gear on and stayed underwater for about five minutes until the fire passed over me," Fabrici recounted in an interview with Sky News.

"I stayed on the bottom, looking up and watching the blaze pass over the top."

While we strongly advise evacuating for safety during a wildfire, Fabrici recounted how he successfully protected his home from the flames.

"After the fire passed, I surfaced and was amazed to see our house still standing, with no flames in sight," he shared.

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