A Giant Hand Now Emerges From Wales' Tallest Tree

June 29, 2024

In the heart of Wales, the tallest tree, once a majestic symbol of nature's grandeur, faced a grim fate. Severely damaged by a storm, it was slated for removal.

However, chainsaw artist and sculptor Simon O'Rourke had a different vision for the tree's final chapter.

Rather than seeing it reduced to a stump, Simon decided to transform the damaged tree into a powerful piece of art, symbolizing its enduring spirit and final attempt to reach the sky.

Thus, the Giant Hand of Vyrnwy was born.

Standing an impressive 50 feet tall, the sculpture features a hand that measures about 8 feet tall, modeled after Simon's own hand. Over the course of 8 days, Simon meticulously carved the hand, capturing every detail with precision and care.

The result is a breathtaking tribute to the tree's resilience and the natural beauty of Wales.

Simon O'Rourke's artistic intervention has turned a potential loss into a lasting symbol of hope and determination, ensuring that the tallest tree in Wales continues to inspire awe for generations to come.

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