Man Rescues Baby Raccoon Swimming In Circles In Lake

June 29, 2024

On a serene morning by the lake, Ryan Thompson noticed something unusual swimming near his dock. Curiosity piqued, he ventured closer and discovered a baby raccoon struggling in the water.

"We were sitting on the porch and we noticed something swimming in circles across the lake," Ryan said.

Without hesitation, he sprang into action. He quickly took out his boat, maneuvered to the frightened creature, and carefully brought it aboard.

baby raccoon on boat video
@rhino7.3 / Ryan Thompson

Once safely on the boat, Ryan dried off the shivering raccoon and attempted to offer it some food. Unfortunately, the little one was too frightened to eat.

Over the next couple of days, Ryan kept a close eye on his new furry friend, who lingered around his yard, seemingly waiting for its mother.

Sadly, she never appeared.

baby raccoon on boat
The baby raccoon waiting for Mom on the pier / @rhino7.3

Realizing that the raccoon needed more specialized care than he could provide, Ryan decided to call for help.

A local wildlife rehabilitation center responded promptly, taking the young raccoon into their care.

raccoon on boat
@rhino7.3 / Ryan Thompson

The staff at the center reassured Ryan, noting that the raccoon was just very scared but in good hands.

They promised to do everything possible to help the little guy regain his strength and confidence, with the ultimate goal of returning him to the wild where he belongs.

Watch the video below!

@rhino7.3 Made a new friend on the lake. #raccoon #raccoonsoftiktok #raccoonlife #raccoonrescue #raccoonbaby #lake #boatpet ♬ original sound - Ryan Thompson

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