Tales Of Unconditional Love: People Share Their Pets' Kindest Acts

February 2, 2024

In the intricate tapestry of human lives, our pets often play the role of loyal companions, confidantes, and sources of boundless joy.

As pet owners, we've all experienced moments that warm our hearts, but have you ever stopped to ponder the question, "What is the kindest thing a pet has ever done for you?"

This question was asked to a vast pet-loving community online, and the responses received were nothing short of heartwarming.

what is the kindest thing a pet has ever done for you


I don't remember this myself, because I was too young. My parents had a dog named Charlie who was absolutely terriļ¬ed of the vacuum cleaner. But after I was born, any time my mother vacuumed, Charlie would stand steadfast between me and the vacuum cleaner. "Trembling in every limb," my mother says, but determined to protect baby-me from the monster.


We used to have a cat named Pants. I have a handful of medical conditions so some days I just had to stay in bed. Whenever I was having a bad day, she'd take a stuffed animal from my daughter's room and bring it to me. I had to have surgery and my first day back home I took a nap. When I woke up there were about 20 stuffed animals in a pile by the bed.


When I was four years old my family had a rangy black fighting tomcat named Ben. Ben stole socks and shoes, hated being petted, and growled while ate. One day I was sitting in the front yard and a stray dog charged me. I was so scared that I couldn’t move, but before the dog got to me Ben came streaking out of the garage and jumped on the stray’s head; he went right for his eyes. The dog ran off howling, and Ben chased him halfway down the block.


Every time I’m really upset, my dog Lulu starts acting like a dork. I don’t mean like normal “run around” dork, I mean try to bury her head in the carpet with her butt in the air while glancing at me with this really playful look.


He stopped me from killing myself. I was 13 years old and severely depressed. I don’t remember exactly why, but i was scream crying in my basement and heavily considering killing myself. My cat, who seriously hated affection, came down and head butted my head. Idk how, but it calmed me down almost immediately.

**It gave you one of its 9 lives**


My dog growing up would constantly injure her paw running around the garage. My dad would put some neosporin on her paw and cover it with a baby sock. Well, my dad had to have surgery on his spine and had to wear a neck brace for a while. One night, while watching TV, my dog picked up one of her socks, licked it and then placed it on the chair next to my dad. It was really sweet.


I was 7 years old and exploring the countryside with my dog. There was a hill in the area you could climb and see the Gateway Arch. As I got near the top George started raising hell. I had almost walking into a napping rattlesnake. Hard to believe it's been more than 50 years. Thanks, George.


After each round of chemotherapy I went through, my two cats took turns staying with me 24/7 for several days afterwards. When one would get down from my lap or my side, the other would snuggle in their place. My husband said they did this even while I was sleeping. The level of devotion that they displayed was absolutely heartwarming.


I was dog sitting 5 dogs one winter. I slipped on the ice coming inside and went down. Knocked the back of my head on the ice and blacked out. Woke up to the biggest, goofiest of the dogs licking and snuffling my face with his big jowls. Who knows how long I would’ve been passed out on the ice if he hadn’t woke me up right away. I moved away years ago and I still miss that good boy.


My dog saved me from a charging black bear once while we were out fencing on my farm , he chased the bear off by biting his back legs and running up on him. He’s a big boy (170lbs) but still got swiped pretty good and came back with a pretty good gash in his face, but even injured he was waging his tail and very proud of himself. He’s all healed up now and good to go. He’s a pure bred good boy.


My parents rescued a cat when I was just two weeks old. She decided I was her kitten and looked after me like her own. When I was crying she used to sit up on her hind legs, put her paws on my shoulder, meow in a concerned way, and lick my face. She slept in my bed every night until she passed away when I was 14. RIP Rosa, my other mother.


My childhood dog saved my dad's life. One day he was out getting firewood by the river. It was winter, everything was frozen over. The ice broke, and he went straight in, heavy boots and winter coat and all. Next thing he knew, he felt a yank on the back of his coat, and his head popped above the surface. That dog had run out on the the cracking ice and grabbed him by the collar. She dragged him to safety. He managed to drive home, dripping and shivering, and that dog was eating steak for a week.

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