A Hilarious List Of Banned Words And Phrases From This Teacher's Classroom

January 24, 2024

An anonymous teacher has taken the internet by storm by imposing a ban on 32 slang words in their classroom.

The controversial list, shared on Twitter, has quickly gained traction, accumulating nearly 34 million views.

teacher bans words classroom
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The teacher, who remains unidentified, outlined their strict policy, stating that students caught using the banned words would be required to write a short essay explaining their choice of using slang in an academic setting.

The teacher wrote:

"If you are caught using these words, you will write a short essay explaining why you chose to use these words in an academic setting to express yourselves.

There are many ways to articulate what you need to say without using slang. Please know using slang in an academic setting can diminish your capability to become a successful writer. More often than not, the way you speak is the way you write.

The gibberish some of you choose to use is improper English and sometimes inappropriate for an academic setting. This is an educational instituion, and you will carry yourself as scholars in my classroom!"

Among the banned terms are popular slang expressions like "bruh," "bet!" and "that's cap."

The teacher's attempt to regulate language usage has ignited a lively response online, with users expressing a range of opinions on the matter.

The person who shared the teacher's letter on social media provided no additional information, leaving the authenticity of the post up for debate. Whether the ban is a serious policy or a humorous take on language regulation, the online community has found the situation amusing, adding a dose of levity to the ongoing discussion.

"I'm studying this list. One of my favorite ways to mess with my kids is to deliberately use their slang, especially if I can do it in very 'mom' contexts. 'Bruh, if you’re late, you get an extra chore, no cap'," one person commented.

"Ha! I'm a teacher and printing it off to keep on my desk! The fastest way to keep slang out of the classroom is to start using it," another wrote.

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