Meet Kilo - The Cat With Gang Tattoos Rescued From A Mexican Prison

January 19, 2024

A hairless cat with gang tattoos has been rescued and adopted from a Mexican prison.

Meet Kilo.

gang cat tattoos

Kilo's owner, a leader in the Los Mexicles cartel, found himself behind bars for heinous crimes. Police raided the prison and found Kilo, along with 7 dogs, guns, drugs, alcohol and - to top it off - a mechanical bull.

Destined to find a new home, Kilo was taken to an animal shelter in Juarez. Broadcasted on the news, he gained celebrity status due to his extraordinary backstory and unique markings.

"When I heard about him, I just knew I should at least try to adopt him," his current owner said, having owned eight Sphynx cats over the course of her life. "I am young, self-employed, and able to care for him fully so I just felt like it was my job to try to give him a safe home."

So, she flew to El Paso to plead her case. However, there were already 10,000 applications to adopt him.

Miraculously, her plea was heard, and she was granted the opportunity to bring Kilo into her home.

cartel cat tattoos

Prior to meeting him, she had little information about his temperament, health status, or personality.

"I was nervous to say the least because I already had another Sphynx at home and a small dog. But apparently I just used all my luck with him because he is the sweetest, snuggliest, and friendliest cat I have EVER met," she said.

Meeting him for the first time also revealed a cat that had endured unimaginable hardships — filthy, emaciated, with eye mucus buildup, skin sores, and open wounds.

The sight was heartbreaking, she said, but with a few vet visits and rounds of medication, Kilo transformed into the healthiest and happiest boy.

The journey of rescuing Kilo is a testament to the power of compassion, resilience, and the transformative impact that love can have on the lives of animals in need. This tattooed cartel cat has not only found redemption but has also become a symbol of hope and second chances.

You can follow Kilo on Instagram @kilothecartelcat.

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