Artist Shares A Daily Cloud Doodle To Brighten Your Day

January 4, 2024

In the vast canvas of the sky, artist Chris Judge has discovered a whimsical playground for his creative imagination.

Every day, he shares a delightful cloud doodle, transforming ordinary cloud photos into adorable works of art.

Judge calls his project "A Daily Cloud" which he launched during the pandemic.

He was spending a lot of times outdoors focusing on all the wonderful nature that surrounds us for the first time in year, he said.

One evening he spotted some beautiful pink clouds that looked like a monkey and a bear. He took photos of them and drew pencil lines on them and posted them on social media.

There was a wonderful, positive reaction to them so Judge decided to keep making new ones every day.

And that's how "A Daily Cloud" was born.

His daily cloud doodles are more than just sketches; they're feel-good moments captured in the ever-changing tapestry of the sky.

Each creation is a testament to the artist's ability to find beauty and positivity in the simplest things, reminding us to look up and appreciate the artistry above.

Follow "A Daily Cloud" on Instagram. Visit his website for calendars and official prints.

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