Woman Documents Her Parents' New Porch-Dwelling Pet 'Little Rick' In Hilarious Tweets

December 27, 2023

Two years ago, a family bid a tearful farewell to their beloved canine companion, leaving a void that has proven difficult to fill.

That is, until "Little Rick" arrived.

Stacy Jo Rost, a sports radio host in Seattle, has documented her parents' new "pet" for the past few days on X.

"My parents had to put their dog down two years ago and it's been really hard on them," she said. "Unfortunately my stepdad, Rick, has found the worst way to cope: feeding a one-year old raccoon and letting him live on their porch. His name is Little Rick aka Rickoon. And by 'feeding' him, I mean they make him breakfast every morning."

"My mom claims she's against this because he's a **WILD ANIMAL** and dirty but she's lowkey in cahoots," Stacy continued. "This woman is lying to my face. She bought Little Rick sardines and berries and hard boils eggs for him and puts out a bowl of water so he can wash his little people-hands."

Despite Stacy's attempts to intervene and suggest more traditional pets, like a cat or a small dog, my parents insist they're not interested in getting another pet.

"I have told them I would love to get them a cat. Maybe even a small dog. They say they don't want another pet. THEN WHY DOES LITTLE RICK HAVE DOG TOYS?"

While her parents may claim otherwise, their actions speak louder than words. Little Rick has become an unintentional member of the family, showered with affection and a menu that rivals any gourmet restaurant.

"Little Rick has A BED. They laid down towels and a blanket for him. Need I remind you: Little Rick is not a dog. He's a raccoon. He will bite. They're in denial."


Stacy says her parents first spotted Little Rick as a baby with an injured back leg. They didn't think he would make it.

However, Little Rick defied the odds, capturing the hearts of her parents along the way. This shared experience of nurturing a vulnerable creature has forged an unexpected bond, making Little Rick more than just a porch dweller – he's now a cherished member of the family.

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