In This Image There Are 16 Circles. Can You Find Them?

December 4, 2023

This is the Coffer Illusion.

The entire graphic is made up of horizontal and vertical bars of various lengths - all straight lines.

So, can you spot all 16 circles within this illusion?

coffer illusion

As you cast your eyes upon the seemingly straightforward pattern, you might be forgiven for assuming that it's composed solely of linear elements.

However, the brilliance of the Coffer Illusion lies in its ability to hide a series of perfectly arranged circles within its intricate design.

The Coffer Illusion, with its hidden circles, not only showcases the art of visual deception but also underscores the playfulness of perception. It invites us to question our assumptions and embrace the delightful surprises that emerge when we look beyond the surface.

Need a little help finding the circles?

See below:

coffer illusion

Interestingly, once it catches your eye, it becomes impossible to not see.

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