The Ultimate Halloween Trick: Kid's 'Cut in Half' Costume Goes Viral

November 5, 2023

This year, a young boy's 'cut in half' Halloween costume has taken the internet by storm, leaving viewers in awe of his inventive and mind-boggling illusion.

cut in half costume illusion
@layxsnv on Twitter

The young boy walked around with the upper half of his body separated from the lower half. To the naked eye, it appears as though he has been magically cut in half.

This incredible illusion immediately captivated viewers, sparking curiosity about how it was achieved.

How Did He Do It?

The secret behind this astonishing Halloween costume is a combination of creativity and some DIY skills.

This video on TikTok shows exactly how to recreate this amazing costume. Replying to @Kayla Webster ♬ original sound - Rae

Upon further investigation, it becomes evident that he is not the original creator of this concept.

Here's David Copperfield's version of the same illusion.

It's a fantastic example of how, with a little ingenuity and some basic materials, you can create a Halloween costume that leaves people both amazed and entertained.

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