Business Owners Are Getting Creative, Naming Businesses After Popular Searches

November 1, 2023

In today's digital age, owning a business is not just about serving great food or providing exceptional services. It's also about being found online, and in the world of online search, the right name can make all the difference.

That's where this genius restaurant owner in Manhattan comes into play.

In a world dominated by Google searches and GPS apps, the right business name can be your golden ticket to success.

When this savvy restaurant owner decided to name his establishment "Thai Food Near Me," he tapped into the magic of local search optimization. By including a commonly used search term right in the restaurant's name, he ensured that anyone looking for Thai cuisine in the area would find his establishment at the top of their search results.

When customers are hungry and searching for a nearby Thai restaurant, they are likely to use the search term "Thai food near me."

But the clever naming game doesn't stop at restaurants.

In a similar vein, another savvy business owner saw an opportunity and grabbed it. They named their dental practice "Dentist Near Me," recognizing that people seeking dental services often use this exact phrase in their online searches.

Of course, the strategy isn't without its critics. Some argue that this naming approach might be seen as a little too blunt or uncreative. However, in the competitive world of local businesses, being found easily can make a substantial difference.

These businesses aren't necessarily relying solely on their names to succeed; they still must deliver quality services to keep customers coming back.

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