Meet Taylor SwiftKin: A 399-Pound Taylor Swift Pumpkin

October 27, 2023

When it comes to celebrating the Halloween season, some people take creativity to a whole new level.

Ohio-based artist Jeanette Paras has done just that by crafting an astonishing 399-pound pumpkin replica of none other than the iconic pop sensation, Taylor Swift.

Aptly named "Taylor SwiftKin", this larger-than-life creation has taken the internet by storm.

For more than 30 years, Jeanette Paras has been creating giant celebrity pumpkins in the garage of her Dublin, Ohio home.

Taylor SwiftKin took her 10 hours to complete.

Here's a timelapse of the process

Jeanette has "pumpkinized" more than 80 giant celebrity pumpkins since 1988.

"I can't help myself, I get such a kick out of seeing the reaction people have to my pumpkins," said Jeanette. "My giant celebrity pumpkins make me laugh and, at the same time, make a lot of other people laugh too. That's a great feeling."

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