Angelfish's CT Scan At Zoo Unveils Hidden Issue And Leads To Healing

October 23, 2023

This heartwarming tale of an angelfish undergoing a CT scan is creating quite a splash across social media.

angelfish CT scan
Photo Credit: Denver Zoo / Senior Director of Animal Health Dr. Jimmy Johnson

The Denver Zoo's Tropical Discovery Animal Care Specialists noticed the angelfish was swimming abnormally, tilted to one side.

"They brought it to the Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Animal Hospital where the Veterinary Medicine team performed a CT scan and ultrasound and found that the fish had enteritis (inflamed intestines)," the zoo shared in a Facebook post.

"This resulted in increased intestinal gas that was affecting its buoyancy. The angelfish was treated with a course of antibiotics that resolved the enteritis and is now doing much better and swimming normally."

"From the tiniest tree frog to a full-grown grizzly bear, we're proud to offer the highest level of care to our animal residents!" the zoo wrote on Instagram.

The image has garnered a positive reception from passionate animal enthusiasts.

"This is truly amazing," one person wrote.

"Googling 'how to communicate with fish' because I need to tell this fish that I love him and I'm glad he's feeling better," another commented.

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