Poet Pens One Of The Most Beautiful Messages Of Hope I've Ever Read

October 17, 2023

In the digital age, where platforms like Tumblr and Instagram are teeming with an abundance of content, occasionally, we stumble upon hidden gems that capture our hearts. One such gem is the talented poet, Raquel, who goes by the online alias @inkskinned.

Raquel's poetry doesn't just touch the soul; it envelops it with a warmth that lingers long after the words have been read.


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Recently, Raquel shared a poem that, in my humble opinion, is one of the most beautiful messages of hope I've ever encountered.

Although she did not title it, perhaps it should be called "How Wonderful To Be Alive. I Am Sorry For Forgetting."


Here is the poem:

"Actually life is beautiful because the sound I make while trying to breathe around hot food sounds like my dog trying to eat an apple. When I yawn my cat tries to put his face in my mouth like a little dentist man and when he yawns I put my finger in his obligate-carnivore trapzone and we both know he will not hurt me. When I do not fold my clothes, they do not hold it against me.

I am demonstrably sad, and lonely, and full of fear. But there are other people who will hold my hand, who will point out the hawk overhead, who will give you That Look in a public place. The other day at a coffee shop a child said "look! It's snowing!" so all of us strangers went to go look out the windows. It wasn't the first snow and it won't be the last but wasn't it lovely like that?

How wonderful to live in a world where birds and frogs both say beep! How wonderful to have an ocean of beautiful sharks with their dinosaur teeth! How wonderful the moon and her changing face, how wonderful the bees and their dancing to communicate, how wonderful shrimp and their forbidden layers of vision! How wonderful, you, and what you will give the world! The way we love things enough to spend entire blogs devoted to them? How people will let me explain my Pokemon team to them? How we will both jump at the scare in the movie, how we laugh so loudly, how it feels to give someone your baking? How wonderful to be alive. I am sorry for forgetting.

This is the process of getting better. With wonderful people and wonderful strangers and wonderful friends: I am getting better, slowly. Thank you, whoever you are. In some way, you've been wonderful, and left a wonderful place in the world to ripple out to me. In some small way - isn't it beautiful - I promise, you've been helping."

You can follow Raquel on Tumblr / Instagram.

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