Photographer Snaps 'Nightmare Fuel' Photo Of Dog Jumping In Water

October 3, 2023

In the world of photography, capturing the perfect moment can sometimes lead to unexpected results.

Recently, a photographer in the picturesque landscapes of Finland found herself at the center of a viral storm after snapping a picture of her dog taking a leap into the water.

Little did she know, this image would quickly become known as "nightmare fuel" by viewers across the internet.

Salla Kuikka is a 33-year-old photographer in Turku, Finland.

Her beautiful Afghan Hound named Babiaan has become an internet sensation after several photos of the pup went viral on social media.

Social media platforms exploded with comments from viewers who couldn't help but share their thoughts on the intriguing images.

Many comments included the words "nightmare fuel", "terrifying," and "creepy". Others playfully suggested that the photographer might have unintentionally captured a glimpse of another dimension.

"Most of the comments around the picture and the shares have been such that if the laughter prolong my life, I'll probably live about forever," Kuikka said.

In the end, whether it's considered "nightmare fuel" or a masterpiece of photography, the image serves as a reminder of the magic that can happen when a photographer seizes the moment.

You can follow @photographybysallakuikka on Instagram for more photos.

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