10 Things People Typically Do Not Know About Cats Until They Have One

September 20, 2023

Cats are fascinating creatures. They are independent, mysterious, and have a unique charm that makes them one of the most popular pets worldwide.

However, there are some aspects of living with a cat that you might not fully appreciate until you share your home with one.

things non cat owners do not know until they own one
by Huda Nur from Pixabay

Here are 10 things people typically don't know about cats until they have one as a pet:

1. If you have a routine, they will adapt to it.

My cat gets upset if we stay up late. He goes to lay in his bed and will meow to tell us it's bed time. And the flip side though, if we try to sleep in, he wakes us up when we usually wake up.

2. The random running for no reason during the night.

It's to scare off the ghosts.

3. They are very intelligent.

I got my first one, about 6-7 years ago. She jumped into my car window when I was eating a sandwich, which almost gave me a heart attack that some strange animal jumped into my car. She was dirty, skinny and scruffy so I gave her some of my turkey sandwich. Couldn't find anyone who claimed her, so I took her to the vet they gave her shots and treated her for worms, so I'm guessing she was a young stray. I took her home with the intention of re-homing her, but within about a week or two she woke me up in the middle of the night freaking out so I followed her to my basement and my water heater was flooding my basement. I looked at her and said 'you know, you earned it and can stay Kitty'. She did the slow blink and the rest is history. Been best pals since.

4. They do learn their names and come when you call them, and they will follow you around.

Back when I had five, it was clear they knew their names, but they would never come when I called them. Instead, when I called one of them, the others would look, to ensure that I wasn't giving a treat to that cat - who wouldn't show up! 

5. They snore.

My tux even snores when she's awake sometimes. The veg says her lungs are clear, she's just a snorer.


6. The belly is not necessarily a 'touch and you die' zone.

You have to earn the trust to see it and the privilege to rub it.

7. Cats (like dogs) can sense when you're not well.

Nurse cats are definitely a thing! I get a sniffle and my orange becomes a velcro cat. When I was quite ill earlier this year, he stuck to me like glue for a couple of weeks whilst I recovered at home after a brief hospital stay. Normally nothing stops him from his food times but he wouldn't go for his meals until I told him to 'go eat your food!' And he'd hurry up and eat and come right back to me.

8. Cats can communicate their needs very clearly.

And I don't just mean screaming at you to be fed or standing by the back door wanting out. It's really hard to explain to a non cat owner, but cats are very expressive. You get to know their moods and signals. They are very good at training you.

9. They are far more affectionate than people think.

I never had cats before. I've always found them cute, but never thought I would have some. My ex wanted them, so we got cats. They stayed with me. Now, King Karl and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock follow me around everywhere and fall asleep on me.

10. They drool when they are happy.

My cat drools so much when he's really into the snuggles that he'll shake his head and drool will spray all over.

Answers listed here were submitted to Reddit's "ask" forum.

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