Alligator With Upper Jaw Missing Gets Rescued

September 18, 2023

After weeks of searching, an alligator missing half of its jaw has been successfully located and rescued.

The reptile is now in safe hands, undergoing rehabilitation at the renowned Gatorland facility in Orlando.

alligator half jaw
Credit: Eustacia Kanter

The credit for this rescue goes to Jerry, a compassionate trapper who managed to secure the distressed alligator. Jerry speculated that the injury might have been caused by a propeller.

"This little female gator lost her complete upper jaw from another gator fight or possibly from a boat propeller. She had basically no chance of surviving in the wild with such a severe injury," Gatorland wrote in a social media post.

This female alligator, estimated to be around four to five years old, will receive specialized care, including a carefully curated diet and isolation from other animals during its initial recovery phase. The ultimate goal is to reintegrate it into a community of fellow alligators residing within the park.

Remarkably, the extent of the alligator's injury suggests that it had been surviving in the wild under these conditions for at least six months, relying on unconventional food sources such as snails and frogs. This adaptation showcases the resilience of the species, contributing to its long-term survival.

"She's a little bit skinny, but she looks to be pretty healthy and feisty, and we're going to heal her up, we're going to have our vet take a look at her, and she's going to be great," said Savannah Boan, a member of the Gatorland team.

Gatorland is currently seeking input from the public to choose a fitting name for this remarkable survivor.

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