'Cursed' Portrait Returned Twice By Freaked Out Buyers Sells For $2000

September 12, 2023

A "cursed" portrait of a young girl that was returned twice has officially sold on eBay for a whopping $2,000.

Credit: @Jaynesharp / Twitter

The framed painting first surfaced on Twitter after user Jayne Sharp posted a picture of it with the caption "Buying! What's the worst that could possibly happen?"

Sharp stumbled upon it at the HARC charity shop in East Sussex with a price tag of £20.

One of the buyers claimed the little girl's eyes seemed to follow her around the room.

Another woman claimed she was chased by an unidentified black figure after purchasing the painting. She said the family dog would growl at the painting and "wouldn't go anywhere near it".

She told staff at the shop "I never want to see the damned thing again."

The "haunted" painting was eventually listed on eBay. 

cursed portrait
Credit: eBay

It sold for £1,680.01 ($2,096.29 US).

As for its origin, HARC said the painting had been donated to the shop by a middle-aged man, along with some frames.

Unfortunately there is no signature on the painting. The artist remains unknown.

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