Couple Shares The Adorable Texts Their 7-Year-Old Nephew Sends Them

July 22, 2023

Prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness.

A woman shared the adorable text-exchange she and her husband had with their 7-year-old nephew.

She said her nephew, who is the "most thoughtful and compassionate kid I know", just started texting them.

nephew texting aunt uncle storms wholesome
Credit: axon-axoff on Reddit

"There was a tornado in town, and our seven year old nephew messaged my husband to make sure we were safe," she said. "We are watching him and his sisters next weekend and they're very excited. He asked if he could bring his iPad because he likes to make 3D models and draw with us but last time his mom made him leave it at home. He's the sweetest."

She posted the screenshot of the text conversation to Reddit where it racked up nearly 60,000 upvotes (likes).

"If golden retrievers could text it would be this," one commenter wrote.

"This is so pure and wholesome!" another wrote.

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