Warehouse Robot Collapses After Working For 20 Hours Straight

May 2, 2023

Meet Digit, a human-centric, multi-purpose robot made for logistics work.

robot collapses from overwork
Credit: Agility Robotics / Twitter

Digit is a creation from Agility Robotics. They designed the robot to work in warehouses and distribution centers.

"Our dream is to build robots that free us from robotic tasks," the company says.

At a recent trade show, Digit went to work demonstrating its skills.

The robot worked a 20-hour shift in a warehouse setting, mainly taking boxes off of a rack and placing them onto a conveyer belt.

And then... Digit collapsed.

"With a 99% success rate over about 20 hours of live demos, Digit still took a couple of falls at ProMat," Agility Robotics said.

"We have no proof, but we think our sales team orchestrated it so they could talk about Digits quick-change limbs and durability," the company joked.

Liz Clinkenbeard, the vice president of communications at Agility Robotics, said the company wanted to show Digit fall down because "it's a normal part of any new technology, and it’s not a big deal."

"While Digit looks something like a person, in reality it is a computer that can do physical work, and it’s following a program," she said.

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