This Man Has An Underground Eel Pit In His Home

April 3, 2023

A man in Kentucky has transformed his basement crawl space into an eel pit.

Nick Tobler began posting videos of his eel cave on TikTok as a way to keep his Instagram stories.

@cowturtle Eel pit origins! Also I’ll be doing longer YouTube videos soon. #aquariums #fishtanks #eeltok #eelpit #fishtanks #americaneels ♬ original sound - cowturtle

He currently has 1.1 million followers on TikTok.

Tobler says he created the eel pit because he "likes keeping really weird fish" and he "likes exploring really weird places".

All all of his eels have interesting names, such as Crunchwrap Supreme and Mentally Eel.

He has since added more creatures to the pit including catfish, blue crabs and diamond sturgeon.

@cowturtle Eel pit update! Crabs and mentally eel are all doing great. Gar are still in hibernation mode. #eelpit #eeltok #aquariums #fishtanks #exoticfish #nativefish ♬ original sound - cowturtle

In captivity, eels can grow up to four feet long and live for 80 years.

You can follow Tobler on TikTok, YouTube or Instagram @cowturtle.

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