This Teacher Created A 'Tattle Box' For Her 3rd Graders And The Complaints Are Hilarious

March 27, 2023

A third-grade teacher in Washington D.C. has become very popular on TikTok for her "Tattle Box" where students fill out forms to tell on another student.

tattle box
@tattler00 / TikTok

Jillian Magee, 30, has been sharing the tattle forms on her TikTok channel which have racked up millions of views.

The Tattle Box

@tattler00 Pretty Little Tattles #SeeHerGreatness #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #fyp #trending #help #tattleforms #sus #jamesandthegiantpieach #amongus ♬ original sound - Tattler

Jillian said she started the box because she was getting tired of being interrupted during lessons.

"I eventually started telling them to just write it down on a sticky note and put it on my desk," she told Fox News.

But that was a huge mess, so she created the tattle forms and transformed a tissue box into the Tattle Box.

tattle box

tattle box

tattle box

The Shout-Out Box

After the success of her Tattle Box, Jillian decided to create a box for compliments, too.

She calls this one the Shout-Out Box and says it has been very popular among her students.

@tattler00 Shout-Out Box! We need to work on new compliments 😂 #teachersoftiktok #teacherlife #fyp #trending #tattleforms #shoutoutforms #teacher #tea #teach ♬ original sound - Tattler

"This is such a beautiful idea. I love this," one user commented.

"I love this idea!" another user replied.

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