First Look At Newly Discovered Corridor In The Great Pyramid Of Giza

March 3, 2023

Launched in October 2015, the ScanPyramids mission is an international initiative aimed at using non-destructive techniques to examine the Egyptian pyramids.

This week, they revealed a new corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza.

It has not been seen by anyone for over 4,500 years.

Newly discovered Corridor in the Great Pyramid of Giza
Credit: ScanPyramids

In 2017, the team announced the discovery of a large void above the Grand Gallery of the Khufu Pyramid. In parallel, the ScanPyramids team investigated other parts of the Khufu Pyramid, and, in particular, the area that surrounds the chevron of the north face.

Measurements revealed the presence of a void above the Descending Corridor.

They named the void ScanPyramids-North Face Corridor (SP-NFC).

Today, the ScanPyramids team released two scientific articles that detail this discovery, as well as the first image of the SP-NFC.

See the new corridor in the video below.

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