This Dog With A Beard Has The Most Human-Like Facial Expressions

March 1, 2023

An expressive dog with a beard has been compared to Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Buscemi, Mark Hamill and more.

Meet Bacon the dog, a.k.a. The Baconater.


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Bacon is a rescue Peke/Chi/Doxie/ShiTzu mix living the good life in Tampa, Florida.

He was found living on the streets by animal control, and Guardian Angel Dog Rescue saved him from euthanasia.


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He was adopted twice and returned before finally falling into the hands of Meg, who instantly fell in love with him.

"Third time was the charm," she said.


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She created an Instagram account to share his expressive faces with the rest of the world.

"People love to say that he looks like different celebrities. My personal favorite comparisons are: Samuel L. Jackson, William H. Macy, Mark Hamill and Peter Dinklage," Meg told People. "I would say the best part is how much he makes people laugh. To think a little abandoned meanie like him has made so many people smile is amazing."


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"My dude that is not a dog that is a human in a dog suit," one user commented.

"Pup has better facial hair than 90% of men," another wrote.

"It looks like he's going to warn you against going up to that cabin where those 3 co-eds went missing 10 years ago."


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Be sure to follow Bacon's Instagram account to see more pictures of him looking very concerned, anxious, and shocked.


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